Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Indian advertising at its best

Permanent marker keeps husband alive. Smart Guy.

An Award winning TelItalia Ad ft. Mahatma Gandhi

Imagine the world today if he could have communicated like this

What if a great man of the last century - Gandhi, say had access to the communications networks of our age when he made one of his most important speeches? The result is 'Telecom Italia Gandhi', an astonishing 60-second spot that has just started airing in Italy. In fall 2004 Telecom Italia released a commercial using Gandhi's feature and excerpts of his speech at the Inter-Asian Relations Conference, New Delhi, 1947.

" if one wants to give a message, it must be a message of love, a message of truth, i want to capture your hearts, live your heart as if in unison, wish to attain same. a friend asked instantly did i believe in one word, how can i possibly do a word, of course i believe in word. "